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  • 80-plex cell surface protein assays

    Feature a panel of 76 protein assays and 4 controls in multiplex.

  • Partitioning-free sample preparation

    Single tube, partitioning-free sample preparation, providing spatially resolved abundance data similar to Confocal and Flow Cytometry.

  • Subcellular resolution without using a microscope

    Leverage your NGS workflow platform.

  • Up to a 1000 cells per reaction

    Gain deep phenotyping information of your immune cells of interest.

About Pixelgen Technologies

Pixelgen is at the forefront of innovative life science research tools. Pixelgen Technologies was
founded on the principle that understanding how proteins move and relocate across the cell membrane is critical to better understanding cell activity.

The company has developed a foundational IP portfolio around its Molecular Pixelation (MPX™) technology, which is the first technology to capture the dynamic changes that occur with the cell surface proteome at such a high multiplexed level on thousands of cells simultaneously.

The Molecular Pixelation workflow connects antibody-based technologies and next generation sequencing to generate unprecedented resolution of protein activity and mobility.

The first reagent kit product was launched this year, targeting the surface proteome of immune cells, enabling localization of 76 target proteins and four controls in 3D without the use of a microscope - but with high throughput and resolution. The MPX reagent kit is built on DNA sequence formation providing
target identity, abundance and spatial location. Subcellular resolution is produced utilizing
standard instrumentation for sequencing already present in most labs, thus allowing for barrier-
free adoption for any researcher. Molecular Pixelation (MPX), is used by our customers to
enable spatial proteomics of single cells gaining new insights into cellular activity and for drug
Pixelgen was founded in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs behind multiple innovative products and
companies in the life sciences and located in Stockholm Sweden,